Starting Your Own Custom-Designed Garment Business

Rocky Rdweller November 22, 2018 Comments Off on Starting Your Own Custom-Designed Garment Business
Starting Your Own Custom-Designed Garment Business

So, you’re an art school graduate or a fine arts course graduate in Glasgow and looking for a job to start your career. Sadly, your works in school never won any awards, and you didn’t get any recommendations from any of the big institutions. It looks like the future is bleak. But maybe not. Maybe with the help of Glasgow t-shirt printing, you can start a career path that you never knew was available to you.

That path is fashion – but not the glamorous, cat-walk, type, although you can also enter that world in the future. The fashion world is the business opportunity you might be unfamiliar with, but it is open for you. “How,” you may ask. Simple, all you have to do is to draw things.

A new canvas

That’s right: all you need to do is to take your art and print it on a shirt. Artists can take commissions from people to sketch things they like, then have it printed on a shirt. There’s no research about the demands of custom-designed shirts yet, both in the UK and US. But custom-designs have a lot of uses and artists could advertise themselves to satisfy commissions and requests as well as make a name for themselves.

  1. Events

As an artist, you can promote your commissions to companies or groups planning an event. Not only can you offer to create the event’s logo or brand for them, but you can also provide or make the uniforms for them. If you don’t have the machine needed to print out the designs, you can hire another company to do it while taking care of the design as well as the base garments. The events you can cater to can vary, from election campaigns to an opening of an exhibit. You can even offer your services for birthday parties, weddings, victory celebrations and anniversaries.

  1. Uniforms

Another type of garment you can offer to design is work uniforms, especially for concert staffers, restaurants and other businesses. Just like for events, you can offer to design the customer’s logo and the work uniforms as well.

  1. Custom-designed garments for casual wear

Then there’s casual wear. If you’re the type to draw cartoons or anime-style, you can offer commissions to anime fans, especially since anime these days is already mainstream. Just be careful to not violate copyright laws, especially in countries like the UK and the US, where there are strict copyright laws in place.

Thinking outside the box with what you can do with your skills is fun. If you just gave it a thought, there are many things you can do with your art diploma. People need art for many reasons, and creativity should be an artist’s bread and butter. Think of garments as another canvas. Who knows? You might make it big in the fashion world. Your art might not have got recognised as much as you would have liked while in school, but it might get recognition now it’s on a shirt.


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